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How did Alum-Line differ from other companies you researched?

  • After a few thousand miles on our shakedown cruise I've got to say, your trailer was one of the most impressive pieces of gear I took with me. It tracks like it's on rails. You can hardly tell you're towing. Loads easily, the extra storage came in handy for TV gear, and the layout impressed a lot of dog guys along the way. I'm a pretty fussy guy but your trailer has no flaws! Thanks for being a part of the Cabela's Awesome Upland Road Trip. And thank your crew for a professional and creative job.

    Scott, Wingshooting USA
  • Let me say we love our gooseneck All-American horse trailer, it pulls like a dream. We love the trailer; you don't even know it is back there. I left an open can of pop on the table and 300 miles later it was still on the table. Thanks for a great trailer.

    Amy, West Liberty, KY
  • My husband and I bought a 19 ft. All-American in 1995 and have never regretted our purchase. We have used it for cattle and horses. We get offers to buy it all the time and that is with it being over 17 years old. The floor, the walls, and hinges have held up, no work needed. Everything still works just like it did when it was brand new. On top of that, anyone that borrows it always comments on how sweet it pulls and how balanced it is. You make a good product, and we'll be back for another one when we need a longer trailer (this one will probably never wear out.)

    Melinda and David Placke, TX
  • We invested in an Alum-Line trailer a few years back. The immediate savings on fuel costs to pull a trailer that weighed significantly less than a steel trailer were noticed even when lower fuel prices were the norm. We appreciate the additional fuel mileage we obtain now even more. The longer term return on investment was even higher as this trailer's quality manufacturing, rust free- status, and higher retained value when we pulled away with it still prove a wise decision to invest in Alum-Line today. Our Alum-Line trailer is great for trips with lots of lambs. Now we are adding Alum-Line Poppers for our trucks. The ease of loading the Alum-Line Popper to move a few head and the resulting fuel savings from the lighter weight for the trip make these tools great assets

    Sam, Albany, MO
  • I own two Alum-Line trailers presently. I have never been more satisfied with a trailer, than I am with my 28' gooseneck, and 22' open car trailer, and I have owned probably 60 trailers of various tyes in my life. I am looking to buy my third one right now, and there is no doubt what it will be. Like I used to say when I sold John Deere farm the best and only cry once!

    Scott McAllister, Mt. Pleasant, IA
  • There is a minimal cost difference between your dog box products (which is much better) and plastic crates! Stepping up to an aluminum solution is critical for durability and life-long value.

    Ryan Eder, Upland Gundog Association, Lindenhurst, IL
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