Back Pack Aluminum Boxes

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The Alum-Line Back Pack Aluminum Boxes are built with the same quality materials and workmanship as all of our other aluminum products. Built with workmanship to last a lifetime is what Alum-Line Back Pack Aluminum Boxes are all about. You can't go wrong with Alum-Line aluminum storage boxes. With their heavy duty aluminum storage boxes, Back Pack Aluminum Boxes solve the growing storage needs we all have. Designed with the dump truck driver in mind, Alum-Line Back Pack Aluminum Boxes provide two levels of aluminum storage boxes with two access doors on either side allowing easy storing of the things you can't do without. The Back Pack Aluminum Boxes add versatile, safe storage to your truck without interfering with normal truck operations, such as dumping, loading, and hauling. Alum-Line Back Pack Aluminum Boxes are available in both "I" and "L" configurations. Click on the "Specifications" tab see more information to configure your aluminum storage boxes today.


Main Construction Standard Feature Option
All aircraft grade aluminum construction yes  
1/8" diamond plate skin yes  
Smooth Aluminum skin also available yes  
Internal mounting sills yes  
5 year workmanship/ 10 year aluminum guarantee yes  
Custom dimensions available yes  
Lid Construction and Options Standard Feature Option
Bolt-on strap hinges with two doors seals yes  
Full perimeter neoprene type door seals yes  
Includes two shelves with "J" hooks yes  
Stainless steel T-handle locks yes  

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