Aluminum Fish Tanks

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Alum-Line custom builds Hatchery Fish Tanks, Trough Tanks, Rendering Tanks, Fingerling Tanks and other Livewell Boxes or Water Tanks for different fish and creatures. This unique Alum-Line product is very specialized and also popular across these different markets. Alum-Line tanks are heavy-duty, made with the same quality materials and workmanship as all of our products, that will last a lifetime! The Fish Tank boxes will stand up to rugged use with a strong, reinforced structure. We promise it will be built to fit the truck body or trailer you need it on according to your specifications. Any kind of vent or quick-coupling discharge hole can be added, with any number of holes needed. We have a standard flip-up door lid, and can customize other doors and hatches at needed. You can add extra storage wherever suits you. We build Tank Bodies, or truck bodies, truck beds and trailers that will fit and transport your tank.

Fish Tanks are used to transport fish for stocking and restocking, often by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and other agencies who specialize moving and delivering aquatic life. Alum-Line is a proud supporter of the DNR and all natural wildlife conservation and preservation agencies. Our company and President Gary Gooder take great measures to donate to these organizations, personally grow and protect national wildlife, forestry, prairie, and wetlands. It's important to protect and preserve our lakes, ponds, rivers and streams! We have a knowledgeable sales staff to happily assist you with any questions when designing and building your custom Aluminum Tank.


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