Showmaster Full Height Small Livestock Trailers

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Alum-Line Showmaster Full Height Small Livestock Trailers are perfect for transporting livestock in a small size. All Showmaster Small Livestock Trailers are bumper pulls, making it simple to hook up and move around any kind of livestock. Ideal for the small farmer, showman or hobby farmer that needs an efficient and first class unit.

Showmaster Full Height Small Livestock Trailers are designed for your medium-duty hauling needs. Standard side height is 6 foot, with optional heights up to 7 foot. Showmaster Full Height Small Livestock Trailers come standard with an aerodynamic front, diamond plate rock guard, side escape door, and center partition gate. Other standard features of these aluminum livestock trailers include full opening back end gate with side-by door, inside dome light, and easy latch hold backs on all doors and dividers. Even though Alum-Line offers a long list of standard features, our ability to customize aluminum livestock trailers is unmatched.

Showmaster Full Height Small Livestock Trailers have many quality options to help customize your aluminum livestock trailers. Click on the "Specifications" tab to see more standard features and options and begin customizing your aluminum livestock trailers today.



Main Construction Standard Feature Option
6' Inside height Yes  
Height increase and decrease on 6" intervals   Yes
6' Inside width Yes  
6'8" Inside width   Yes
Non-skid tongue and groove aluminum extruded flooring Yes  
Removable 5/8" vet pad mats   Yes
Tubular side posts on 24" centers Yes  
Tubular side posts on 16" centers   Yes
2' V-nose with natural colored skin and diamond plate rock guard Yes  
Colored skin in lieu of natural   Yes
Enclosed 4' hitch area with V-front and tack door   Yes
2" x 4" tubular rear frame Yes  
Rear rubber dock bumpers across lower rear frame with skid plate Yes  
Axles and Rims Standard Feature Option
2,200# Rubber torsion axles 10' + 2'V length  
3,500# Rubber torsion axles Yes  
4,800# Rubber torsion axles   Yes
Steel rims with radial tires (see tire chart for specifications) Yes  
Aluminum rims with radial tires   Yes
Spare tire and carrier   Yes
Brakes Standard Feature Option
Electric brakes on each axle   Yes
Side Doors Standard Feature Option
Side Escape Door Yes  
Extra Side Escape Doors   Yes
Camper style door with window and screen   Yes
Sealed tack door (no window)   Yes
Pull-out side door step   Yes
Side Loading and Unloading Ramp   Yes
Gates and Dividers Standard Feature Option
Center Partition gate Yes  
Sliding door in center gate   Yes
Extra gate   Yes
Extra gate with walk-thru door   Yes
Extra gate with slide-by door   Yes
Adjustable gate rail   Yes
Slam latches that open from both the inside and outside of trailer Yes  
Head and shoulder stall dividers with removable pins   Yes
Easy latch hold backs on all doors and dividers Yes  
Individual show pins   Yes
Solid wall to make enclosed area   Yes
Tack door in solid wall to gain access to cargo area from sealed area   Yes
Rear Gates Standard Feature Option
Full opening back end gate with slide-by door Yes  
Rear slide-by door with built-in fold-down ramp   Yes
Double doors in rear opening   Yes
Extra camlock on rear to swing rear door either end   Yes
Hitch Options Standard Feature Option
Side access door in nose   Yes
2-5/16" ball type coupler Yes  
Adjustable coupler   Yes
Side Construction and Venting Standard Feature Option
Side panel layout Yes  
One 8" air space towards top of trailer   No 2" space
Two 5" air spaces towards top of trailer Yes  
Smoked lexan in air spaces (5" and 8" only)   Yes
Hinged cover panels over air spaces (5" only)   Yes
One 2" air space above fender Yes  
Bolt on cover panels (2" air space only)   Yes
Totally enclosed trailer with automotive-type windows and screens   Yes
48" tall rubber lining on all walls with double wall aluminum   Yes
Smooth aluminum lining inside trailer around windows   Yes
Windows of different sizes with and without screens   Yes
Aluminum 2-way roof scoops   Yes
Crank up roof vents   Yes
Electrical and Wiring Standard Feature Option
Enclosed electrical wiring with connections junction box Yes  
One inside dome light Yes  
Extra inside dome lights   Yes
11 Sealed beam marker lights Yes  
Extra marker lights   Yes
2 Sealed beam stop/tail/turn lights Yes  
L.E.D. light package Yes  
Sealed beam reverse lights   Yes
L.E.D. reverse light   Yes
External loading lights   Yes
Break-away switch, batter, and safety chains Yes  
Trickle charger for breakaway battery   Yes
Landing Legs and Jacks Standard Feature Option
Castor wheel jack    
Misc. Options Standard Feature Option
Heavy-duty tie rings inside and outside   Yes
Hayrack with outside ladder   Yes
Tie rail on side of trailer   Yes
Running boards   Yes
Roof AC with heat strip (13,500 BTU)   Yes

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