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  • We want to thank you all for the help you have given us in our trailer business: Don for getting us started in our business...and Gary continued working with us. Last came Jeff who has been such a good help as well as a friend. Due to our ages and some health issues that came with it, we decided to give up our dealership Aug 31. We would like to continue our friendship and will send any interested trailer purchasers your way. Wishing you continued success in the "building of the best". 

    Windust Trailer Sales, Duane & Anita Lathim, Pasco, WA
  • A gentleman stopped me at my hotel and started asking me questions about that trailer. He commented on the craftsmanship and how well it was built. And all he could say was WOW. Everything I have put on the trailer that thing is like it is on rails behind the truck...Once again, this thing is AWESOME. Thanks again.

    Select Sire
  • Gary, I just wanted to let you know how beautiful this sign body looks. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

    Paul Warner, Truck Utilities, St. Paul, MN
  • We have gotten so many comments on the welding and frame. Just wanted to let you know we absolutely love our trailer! We have used it a few times now and we are very pleased with it. It is beyond our expectations. Thanks for going above and beyond for us! 

    Jeremy & Alicia Lenz
  • We just got home with the trailer. It is perfect, and rode great. Driver was excellent. Thank y'all for everything, we can't wait to try it out! 

    Jessica Hoerster, Edna, TX
  • Thank you Mark for your hard work and helpfullness in making this trailer deal work.

    Donald M. Ostberg, MN
  • I love my trailer. I am very pleased with the salesman's and driver's efforts. Feel free to use the pictures anywhere you please.

    Gary Miksis
  • Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to you and all of the staff that built my vision of the perfect service body for my HVAC service truck. It has been a very pleasant experience to have the service body designed and built as I envisioned it in my head. I have worked out of multiple different truck styles from vans to 3 different cookie-cutter truck boxes. None of them compare to the custom box built by all of you at Alum-Line. This truck has exceeded all of my expectations from the design experience, to the fine craftsmanship of the fabricators in the shop. It shows a lot of passion and pride in what everyone there does to be able to build that exact idea out of flat stock aluminum. My hat is off to all of you. Thanks again.

    Aaron Hickey, Kerschners Gas Service, Inc.
  • I want to express my thanks for the fine service I received when calling for a repair part for my Alum-Line flatbed.

    Ryan, Fox Lake, WI
  • The trailer looks really nice. You and your team did an excellent job.

    Carl, Illinois
  • I appreciate all your work from design to completion.

    Stacy, Danville, KY
  • We would like to take the time and thank you for helping us build our new rescue truck. It is a very nice unit and we are very proud of the new truck. Your group has been very helpful and accommodating with building this rescue body. Your expertise and very knowledgeable craftsmen were great to work with! We were very glad that you could build our second Alum-Line rescue body.

    David, Willmar, MN
  • Your driver Rodney was on time and helpful, nice gentleman. Thanks for the well put-together Popper. I appreciate the thought-out details and workmanship.

    Linda, Concrete,WA
  • Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the excellent job your service personnel did on my trailer. I appreciate the promptness and their efficiency in getting the job completed.

    Lance, Elsberry, MO
  • I was treated SO well by your staff and was surprised how quick I was in and out when they made modifications to my tool box. Special thanks to Dave and Gadget. The quality of aluminum is very heavy-duty, and I have tried other brands prior but nothing compares. I will continue to tell everyone about my great experience at Alum-Line!

    Terry Johnson, New Hampton, IA
  • Every place I go, all I get is compliments on the truck.

    Chad, IA
  • I just wanted to let you know how beautiful this sign body looks. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

    Paul Warner, Sales Engineer, Truck Utilities, St. Paul, MN
  • Hey guys, made it home with my new truck bed and just wanted to say it caught a lot of people's eyes on the way home. I could not be happier. I just wanted to say thanks and I just can not wait to show off this bed to all my mule and horseback riding buddies.

    R.S., KS
  • I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and everyone involved with making our National Junior Show successful! The Popper we raffled raised about $2,200!

    David, IA
  • My Alum-Line trailer is great- it pulls well, and looks tremendous. All the people that have seen it really comment positively on it. Thanks for all your help.

    Jon, IA
  • Dennis, Hardly a day goes by that I don't get comments or questions on my new truck bed. I have a friend in metal working that told me it was the best built truck bed he had ever seen! Please pass the word to all of the builders and installation crew how impressed I'm with the whole thing!

    Danny Proctor, Richmond, KY
  • The build quality exceeded my expectations! I ordered it sight unseen and would have no reservations telling anyone to do the same.

    Jacob Johnson, Vincennes, IN
  • After a few thousand miles on our shakedown cruise I've got to say, your trailer was one of the most impressive pieces of gear I took with me. It tracks like it's on rails. You can hardly tell you're towing. Loads easily, the extra storage came in handy for TV gear, and the layout impressed a lot of dog guys along the way. I'm a pretty fussy guy but your trailer has no flaws! Thanks for being a part of the Cabela's Awesome Upland Road Trip. And thank your crew for a professional and creative job.

    Scott, Wingshooting USA
  • Let me say we love our gooseneck All-American horse trailer, it pulls like a dream. We love the trailer; you don't even know it is back there. I left an open can of pop on the table and 300 miles later it was still on the table. Thanks for a great trailer.

    Amy, West Liberty, KY
  • My husband and I bought a 19 ft. All-American in 1995 and have never regretted our purchase. We have used it for cattle and horses. We get offers to buy it all the time and that is with it being over 17 years old. The floor, the walls, and hinges have held up, no work needed. Everything still works just like it did when it was brand new. On top of that, anyone that borrows it always comments on how sweet it pulls and how balanced it is. You make a good product, and we'll be back for another one when we need a longer trailer (this one will probably never wear out.)

    Melinda and David Placke, TX
  • We invested in an Alum-Line trailer a few years back. The immediate savings on fuel costs to pull a trailer that weighed significantly less than a steel trailer were noticed even when lower fuel prices were the norm. We appreciate the additional fuel mileage we obtain now even more. The longer term return on investment was even higher as this trailer's quality manufacturing, rust free- status, and higher retained value when we pulled away with it still prove a wise decision to invest in Alum-Line today. Our Alum-Line trailer is great for trips with lots of lambs. Now we are adding Alum-Line Poppers for our trucks. The ease of loading the Alum-Line Popper to move a few head and the resulting fuel savings from the lighter weight for the trip make these tools great assets

    Sam, Albany, MO
  • I own two Alum-Line trailers presently. I have never been more satisfied with a trailer, than I am with my 28' gooseneck, and 22' open car trailer, and I have owned probably 60 trailers of various tyes in my life. I am looking to buy my third one right now, and there is no doubt what it will be. Like I used to say when I sold John Deere farm the best and only cry once!

    Scott McAllister, Mt. Pleasant, IA
  • There is a minimal cost difference between your dog box products (which is much better) and plastic crates! Stepping up to an aluminum solution is critical for durability and life-long value.

    Ryan Eder, Upland Gundog Association, Lindenhurst, IL
  • Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all of the staff that built my vision of the perfect service body for my HVAC service truck. It was a very pleasant experience to have service body designed and built as I had envisioned it in my head. I have worked out of multiple different truck styles including vans and three different cookie-cutter truck boxes. None of them compare to the custom box built by Alum-Line. This truck has exceeded all of my expectations from the design experience to the fine craftsmanship of the fabricators in the shop. The passion and pride is shown when you built an idea out of my head with flat stock aluminum. My has is off to all of you.

    Aaron Hickey, Kerschners Gas Service, Inc.
  • Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your staff for your efforts! We have received 3 sets of Tool Boxes. I appeciate your quality, workmanship, and look forward to working with you in the future.

    Tim, Appleton, WI
  • This picture I am sending you - we have 285 bales on. We could have easily hauled 300 bales. It sure makes for less trips to the field, saves fuel, time, and money. Everyone that sees the trailer comments how nice a looking trailer it is. Hope to see you at the farm machinery show in Louisville, KY in 2011.

    B Munsee, KY
  • Thank you so much for donating the Alum-Line popper for the use of a year. It is the perfect size & I will put it to great use. In the summertime, my sister & I take 2-4 animals to showmanship clinics. It is nice & easy to use this popper. Thank you for your continued support of this program & its youth!

    Felicia Byrne, Agua Dulce, CA
  • This is the Second one of Alum-Line's bodies we have in our fleet, they are holding up well.

    Craig, ND
  • Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic box! I've had the box you made for me for just over a year now, and couldn't be happier! I get compliments on it everywhere I go. My dogs and gear fit perfectly. It has been a lifesaver getting my dogs to the field for the hunt, they love it and so do I. Thanks again!

    G. Fedderson, Iowa
  • Jeff, the UPS driver just dropped off the hardware. I really am blown away by how easy this was. I thank you sincerely.

    Rick, Chancellor, S Dakota
  • Just wanted to thank you for putting up with myself and my wife's questions and the fact we changed our minds several times throughout the process of picking out a trailer. The kids and wife LOVE the ease of loading, unloading and hauling the trailer around the country. Just wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN!

    M Sprouse, MO
  • I'm really satisfied with the bed. It looks great and works just fine. It's a head turner. Thanks Again!

    Thomas, Sweden
  • Mr. Bohr, We spoke on the phone last week about our new cage...It looks great and we couldn't be more happy with the product. Thanks so much for everything.

    Victoria Marlin, Letexo, TX
  • Gary, We had a chance to pull your trailer out to our West Texas ranch this past weekend, about 1300 miles round trip. This trailer pulls awesome at any speed....light-weight and user friendly!!! Could hardly tell we were even pulling a trailer...This is the trailer you guys modified for me, ie: car ramps, 48 bike ramp....perfect set-up

    Mike Hayden, Texas
  • Thank you for building our Show Trailer. It works very well. Isabelle really likes it, and we all do!

    R Clouse Family, Frankfort, IN
  • I got a chance to look the trailer over real good. Very impressed. Love the tail layout and heavy duty look. Really like how the back side is sealed up and the service plates for the lights are added. Really like how clean the gooseneck is and the way the jack was installed. Having a junction box on the front of the goose-neck and then under the front deck is very smart. This will make keeping lights working much easier in the long run. You went the extra mile to accomodate us and it sure shows with the quality workmanship you see with this trailer. The guys at the fabricator shop were also very impressed. Very pleased with what I see. Thanks again for working with us.

    Jerry Weigel, North Dakota Game & Fish
  • I like to look at all the stuff you build. You do very nice work. I'm really happy with the cabinet you just built me.

    Michael, Bloomington, IL
  • I just wanted to thank you for working with our committee in the design and building phase of our new Grass Fire Truck. I feel it turned out very well. I am very proud of my department members on the design efforts and building efforts they put into this truck. Your employees were so helpful in the design of the bed. The craftmanship of the bed is superior.

    Chief K Troutwire Arcanum, OH
  • I just received the first of two boxes ordered from Alum-Line and am very happy. The quality of the materials is top notch and the welds are done as nice, if not better, than some of the big store products we have recently purchased. We have purchased custom boxes in the past, but have not been this satisfied. Alum-Line took the time to understand our needs, drew up the plans & faxed them to me so we knew we were getting what we wanted. .I will continue to do business with Alum-Line because you have what we like: Good Service, Good Quality & a Great Price.

    Curt, Maryville, TN
  • I recently bought a used Alum-Line topper on a farm sale. First of all, I am really impressed with the quality, the one I bought was built in 1996 and it looks like new yet.

    Philip, Greene, IA
  • Thank you for a great product that's made in America. The quality of the workmanship is very professional.

    Stan, Conrad, MT
  • We picked up the dog boxes Sunday and could not be more pleased. They are everything we asked for and we are thrilled! My compliments to your craftsmanship, they are a perfect fit. I'm sending a couple photos so you can see the finished product in place and what a beautiful fit it is. Thanks for a super job, it was a pleasure to deal with you.

    Wayne & Barbara, IN
  • Dave, I was very impressed with the construction quality of the trailer I purchased. It is nice to receive a purchase that exceeds your expectations. Thanks for your prompt service.

    King, MN
  • Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know that I made it back to NM with my trailer. This has to be the nicest trailer I ever owned. The quality and workmanship goes beyond excellent in my opinion. Friends that "checked it out" could not believe how well it was built. And last, but not least, my THANKS to you, the office staff, and the employee's I met for the courtesy, and professionalism that was extended to me.

    J Marhofke Tinnie, NM
  • I purchased a truck in 1996 and your company supplied the truck bed. This is exactly what I am looking for again this time. I remember when I purchased this bed in 1996 how many comments and compliments I received on it. I have been very happy with the truck bed.

    Kit, West Cresco, LA
  • Greetings Bob: I am thoroughly satisfied with the Ranger service body! Thanks for your patience with the design, quote, and scheduling process. You and your staff did very well in addressing my needs amidst the many other orders and customers you work with on a weekly basis. Pass along special thanks to Mark and his shop crew for outstanding craftsmanship! Again, many thanks and best wishes!

    Bruce, MN
  • Hi Dave, The trailer pulled like it was on rails, no wandering or dog tracking. With the air ride you didn't feel any bumps that are normally transferred through the truck. I was especially impressed with the strength of the build, all the re-enforcement and tying together. You all did a spectacular job and I'm very glad I purchased an Alum-Line. You also made it very personal meeting the crew who built the trailer which made me feel welcome.

    Mr. Wilson, Galena Chrysler, IL
  • Hey Jeff, Thanks for the quick reply. This old trailer has been awesome. I've dragged it up and down mountains, plains and prairies all over the USA for my stock photo company. It's got to be pushing 30 years old...still going strong!

    Mitch Kezar, Windigo Images
  • On behalf of the Marine Fire Dept, I would like to thank you for all your help on this truck.

    Brad Carril, Marine Fire Department
  • Hi! Just wanted to let you know we absolutely love our trailer! We have used it a few times now and we are very pleased with it. It is beyond our expectations. Thanks for going above and beyond for us!

    Jeremy & Alicia Lenz
  • I just wanted to thank you again. You guys do top quality work. The box turned out great! Hunting season kicks off today and will be heading out with the dogs to shoot some doves this afternoon. If I hear of anyone looking for a new box I will for sure tell them about you all.

    E. Riggs, Hurst, TX
  • I am extremely pleased with how the tank turned out and would be very happy to provide a reference in the future if needed on Alum-Line's ability to construct salmonid live haul tanks. Thanks for everything and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future!

    Brian Cleghorn Springs, SD Fish Hatchery, SD
  • I am SO impressed with my RV 2-Dog box!!! The materials are top of the line and it shows! From the spring loaded handles to the twist-lock door latches and hydraulic type lid...I love it! I'm sure it will keep my cold sensitive Vizslas warm and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer heat! I trust the locks and the build to deter thieves and to stand up to years of use. Your design is great... Thanks so much!!! I will definitely refer your company and craftsmanship to anyone!

    Mark, Dickinson, NC
  • I want to commend Alum-Line for the excellent work you did on my truck bed and how well it has held up. There is a rumor that aluminum beds crack. After 120K miles, with all compartments fully loaded with carpentry tools, I have never had a crack or leak in my Alum-Line truck bed.

    Ed, Sandis, TX
  • We had promised to send photos of the squad unit you built for us. We placed the vehicle in service in January and it is used for our Rapid Intervention Team. We also use it for emergency medical response, and to bring additional firefighters to the scenes of other emergencies. We're very pleased with the unit, and would be happy to provide endorsement to other fire departments.

    Peters Two Fire Dept.
  • To the Whole Team, I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know how much I enjoyed coming back to your plant and working with your staff. The workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. Every single person at your company who helped me were top notch and very easy and nice to deal with. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Alum-Line. I would recommend your products to anyone and tell them it was well worth the trip out to Cresco, IA to meet you and have the work completed. I am looking forward to ordering my next trailer and possibly truck beds from you. I get so many compliments on my trailer it makes my company look good and makes me money because of it. Thumbs up to Alum-Line!

    Marc Springer (SHIPPING WARS), Snortn Boar Transport, WA
  • My fellow employees and boss were very impressed with the quality of the trailer and the over all turn out of the product. We did get to use it today and it worked great for our operation...I will pass your name.

    Josh Krug, KY
    P.O. BOX 59 | HWY 9 WEST | CRESCO, IA 52136 | PHONE: 800.446.1407 | FAX 563.547.5366