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Aluminum Trailers | Aluminum Truck Beds | Aluminum Tool Boxes

Alum-Line Truck & Trailer Outfitters

Bringing you the best in truck bodies, tool boxes, and trailers: livestock trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers, and flatbed trailers.

Alum-Line has over 25 years of experience in bringing you the best in custom aluminum products. Alum-Line's main product lines include all types of custom aluminum trailers, tool boxes, truck bodies, and more including:

  • livestock trailers
  • cargo trailers
  • utility trailers
  • automotive trailers
  • flatbed trailers
  • motorcycle trailers
  • snowmobile trailers
  • dog trailers
  • ATV trailers
  • truck beds
  • component bodies
  • service bodies
  • dump bodies
  • fire and rescue bodies
  • tool boxes
  • dog boxes
  • truck toppers and poppers
  • contractor toppers
  • semi cab protectors

To see more of our custom aluminum products with descriptions and images, view the tabs on the left-hand side of the page. Remember, although we offer many standard models we can provide any feature you need.

Alum-Line offers superior design, engineering, workmanship, materials and customer service with all of our aluminum products. Value and quality are guaranteed. Everyone at Alum-Line is promised to make sure our customers are satisfied with reliable aluminum trailers, aluminum truck beds, and aluminum tool boxes; in which their needs are met every step of the way. When Alum-Line accommodates you with the best in custom aluminum trailers, aluminum tool boxes, and aluminum truck beds you are making the right choice.

Rather than most trailer companies, Alum-Line is built with all aluminum; providing unmatched quality, strength, and lifelong value in aluminum trailers, aluminum truck beds, and aluminum tool boxes.


  • No Rusting
  • No Cracking
  • Better Fuel Mileage
  • Better Tire Mileage
  • Last Longer
  • GREEN product
  • Stronger and Tougher
  • Easily Repairable
  • Save Spending on Multiple Repairs
  • Lighter than steel AND fiberglass (composite)

With Alum-Line's custom aluminum trailers, you'll find more welding and workmanship in every detail. We pride ourselves on the little things: stainless steel fasteners, overhead electrical wiring, quality built axles, tires, and a top notch light package. Alum-Line has safe and worry-free custom aluminum trailers you can buy with confidence.

Alum-Line is famous for its ability to customize, willing to customize any aluminum trailer, aluminum truck bed, or aluminum tool box. It is Alum-Line's pleasure to incorporate any ideas the customer has to build exactly as desired. Whether purchasing custom aluminum trailers, aluminum truck beds, or aluminum tool boxes, we can build it any way you dream it. Although we offer a long list of standard products and features, we also build many specialized items. Please inquire further about your specific needs so that Alum-Line can satisfy them.


What Makes Us Unique

No other company in America has proven the long term benefits of owning aluminum trailers, aluminum truck beds, and aluminum tool boxes better than Alum-Line. With years of experience and experimentation of our products, we have come to know the correct way to build for day in and day out of rugged use.

Most people buy our products for style and low maintenance, but receive the additional bonus of a strong product as well. Built by a professional staff using engineered extrusions and materials to provide you a lifetime product, you receive many advantages with Alum-Line including: style, low maintenance, weight saving, and extra strength.

All of these things add up to the best value in aluminum trailers, aluminum truck beds, and aluminum tool boxes. Our long list of repeat customers proves our promise to deliver more than what you expect. We look forward to you becoming another satisfied Alum-Line customer.

“We invested in an Alum-Line trailer a few years back. The immediate savings on fuel costs to pull a trailer that weighed significantly less than a steel trailer were noticed even when lower fuel prices were the norm. We appreciate the additional fuel mileage we obtain now even more. The longer term return on investment was even higher as this trailer’s quality manufacturing, rust free- status, and higher retained value when we pulled away with it still prove a wise decision to invest in Alum-line today.

Our Alum-Line trailer is great for trips with lots of lambs. Now we are adding Alum-Line Poppers for our trucks. The ease of loading the Alum-Line Popper to move a few head and the resulting fuel savings from the lighter weight for the trip make these tools great assets

Sam, Albany, MO

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