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Aluminum Underbody Boxes

Aluminum Underbody Boxes

The Alum-Line Aluminum Underbody Boxes are built with the same quality materials and workmanship as all of our other aluminum products. Built for a lifetime of use is what the Alum-Line Aluminum Underbody Boxes are all about. You cant go wrong with Alum-Line aluminum tool boxes.

Alum-line will give your underbody style you have been looking for with the Aluminum Underbody Boxes while being able to custom build our aluminum tool boxes to fit any space you have. Alum-Line Aluminum Underbody Boxes have the strength to stand up to all types of rugged use while still providing extra aluminum storage boxes

Click on the Standard Features & Options tab for more information and to see how we can customize Aluminum Underbody Boxes to match your needs. We have a knowledgeable sales staff on hand happy to assist you when building your aluminum tool boxes.

12H x 12D x 24L
12H x 12D x 36L
12H x 12D x 48L
16H x 16D x 24L
16H x 16D x 30L
16H x 16D x 36L
16H x 16D x 48L
18H x 18D x 24L
18H x 18D x 30L
18H x 18D x 36L
18H x 18D x 48L
24H x 24D x 24L
24H x 24D x 30L
24H x 24D x 36L
24H x 24D x 48L
24H x 24D x 60L

Any Custom Length, Width and Height Available

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