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Cross Over Aluminum Boxes

Cross Over Aluminum Boxes

The Alum-Line Cross Over Aluminum Boxes are built with the same quality materials and workmanship as all of our other aluminum products. Built for a lifetime of use is what Alum-Line Cross Over Aluminum Boxes are all about. You cant go wrong with Alum-Line cross over tool boxes.

Our cross over tool boxes are built with commercial use in mind, with heavy gauge aluminum and continuous welded seams where you need it most. Durable hardware includes stainless steel double connecting paddle latched and smooth operating gas prop lids. The lids on Alum-Line Cross Over Aluminum Boxes are reinforced with tubing on the inside. This provides a reassured stability and strength allowing any weight to able to be stacked on top of Alum-Lines cross over tool boxes.

Click on the Standard Features & Options tab for further information and choose from the three styles of lids that come standard with the Alum-Line Cross Over Aluminum Boxes. We have a knowledgeable sales staff on hand happy to assist you when building your cross over tool boxes.


Full Size Truck: Dimensions (H x D x L) by Model #
CBF1610 70X 16X 10
CBF2014 70X 20X 14
CBF2020 70X 20X 20
CBF3014 70X 30X 12
CBF3020 70X 30X 20

Mini Tucks: Dimensions (H x D x L) by Model #
CBM6114 61 x 20x 14
CBM5914 59x 20x 14
CBM3014 59x 20x 14

Other depths, heights and lengths available

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