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Above Body Aluminum Boxes

Above Body Aluminum Boxes

The Alum-Line Above Body Aluminum Boxes are built with the same quality materials and workmanship as all of our other aluminum products. Built for a lifetime of use is what Alum-Line Above Body Aluminum Boxes are all about. These aluminum tool boxes are designed to mount on the pickup rail or the top side of a flatbed trailer. You can’t go wrong with Alum-Line’s aluminum tool boxes.

Some of the many standard features of Above Body Aluminum Boxes include cables to hold the doors level when open, a drip edge to provide added weather protection, and mounting kits for easy installation. Shelving is also available on our Above Body Aluminum Boxes to provide extra aluminum storage boxes. Aluminum tool boxes built with durability in mind, the Alum-Line Above Body Aluminum Boxes will stand the test of time.

Alum-Line allows you to be able to choose from standard sizes or design your own custom size so that you have aluminum tool boxes to fit your needs. Click on the “Standard Features & Options” tab to see how Alum-Line can customize your aluminum boxes. We have a knowledgeable sales staff on hand happy to assist you in customizing your Above Body Aluminum Boxes.


Overall Depth: 13”
Overall Height: 16”

Overall Length by Model #
ABB36: 36”
ABB48: 48”
ABB72: 72”
ABB84: 84”
ABB90: 90”
ABB96: 96”
ABB102: 102”

Other depths, heights and lenghts are available.

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